Sarpino's Story

Sarpino's was created in response to consumer demand for greater freshness, quality,authenticity & most of all variety in their fast food alternatives.

At Sarpino's we understand the needs of today's busy families & individuals. Whether you are working late at the office or in-between dropping kids off at sports practice, you should always have a choice of a variety of fresh, healthy, & authentic dishes delivered right to your home or office.

In 1972, Sarpino's founder Gerry Koutougos established his first full service restaurant in Victoria BC Canada. After years of providing authentic Italian & Mediterranean dishes through a number of successful full service restaurants, Gerry saw the opportunity to provide consumers around the world with these fresh authentic Italian dishes through take out and delivery restaurants.

In researching the international fast food markets, it was clear that something was missing. So many "Italian" fast food restaurants were offering virtually the same single product - pizza; and in doing so using the lowest cost ingredients (hence lower quality). Observing this, Gerry was determined to set a higher standard!

We offer the highest-quality traditional & gourmet pizzas, a wide variety of authentic pastas, succulent chicken wings, a variety of salads, cheese bread, garlic bread, deserts, & beverages. Sarpino's pizzas are made from authentic ingredients, cheeses made from 100% real mozzarella and edam, fresh packed sauces using only vine-ripened tomatoes & a proprietary mix of savory Italian spices, & a choice of high-quality meats (no artificial fillers) & a variety of garden fresh vegetable toppings. Dough is hand kneaded each day in Italian tradition in every location